AFC West Recap: Preseason Week 1

Well, the preseason is upon us. That early part of the NFL season that doesn’t really mean a whole lot, but we still get kind of excited about it because it means we finally get to watch some football of some sort. However, as we go through this, it’s good to remember that it doesn’t [...]

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The Top 20 Grunge Songs of All-Time 20. My Hero - Foo Fighters (1997) "There goes my hero. Watch him as he goes..." The Foo Fighters were looking to bring a new vibe to a damaged culture that was in constant shock and still grieving after the loss of one of it's most beloved heroes. In true Grunge character, frontman Dave [...]

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Exposed – The Secret Life of Drew Brees

To those who know him, Drew Christopher Brees comes across as an honest and upright man. He has a great image in the NFL, which he tries to uphold. The truth is, he has a dirty little secret. He's been living a double life and hiding his true identity from the NFL and its fans, [...]

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The Quarterbacks Who Have Thrown For 5,000+ Yards in a Single Season Matthew Stafford - 5,038 - 2011 The ball was lively in 2011, as it became the only year to see three quarterbacks throw for 5,000+ yards in the same season. Many detractors will give all of the credit to superstar receiver Calvin Johnson being in this offense. There have been plenty of great receivers [...]

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The Case Against Kaepernick

With training camp underway and quarterbacks getting injured, we hear the call for a team to sign Colin Kaepernick.  Luckily for all of us, no owner is feckless like Jed York was last season, and Kaepernick remains without a team this year.  J.D. Power recently released a poll asking fans why they watched less NFL [...]

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Tom Brady at 40: What Can We Expect?

The argument has gone on all offseason since the New England Patriots and Tom Brady won their fifth Super Bowl since he took over as starting QB on September 23, 2001. Is Tom Brady the greatest QB ever to play the game? In my mind the answer is without a doubt yes. Beyond looking at [...]

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Defensive Specialist Rob Ninkovich Calls It a Career After 11 NFL Seasons

Boston - After days of speculation, New England Patriots veteran linebacker Rob Ninkovich announced his retirement from football on Sunday afternoon. Rob was 33, and played for 11 seasons. As a part-time player in his first three seasons, he bounced around with the New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins, before playing the last 8 seasons [...]

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Warrior’s World

 After a less than stellar post season, the NBA has enjoyed an exciting headline making off-season with players like Paul George, Chris Paul, and others changing teams.  The latest drama, involving Kyrie Irving wanting to skip out of CLE before "supposedly" LeBron does, has gotten me to realize something. That something is the off-season [...]

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Best and Worse Case Scenarios for AFC West Teams

Denver Broncos Best case: 11-5 This best case scenario could easily happen – in part assuming Trevor Siemian wins the QB job again and has an even better follow-up year. It helps when you have two stud WR’s like Thomas and Sanders to throw to, and a running game that’s probably better than last year’s [...]

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The Top 171 Quarterback Seasons All-Time Ranked by Passing Yards (Any Season Better than the Best by Joe Montana) (rivalry radio podcast addressing the same topic) 1. Peyton Manning - 5,477 2. Drew Brees - 5,476 3. Tom Brady - 5,235 4. Drew Brees - 5,208 5. Drew Brees - 5,177 6. Drew Brees - 5,162 7. Dan Marino - 5,084 8. Drew Brees - 5,069 9. Matthew Stafford - 5,038 10. Matthew Stafford [...]

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