What’s the Matter with the Giants Offense?

Before the season began, I was thinking that the Giants would win the NFC East. It seemed pretty reasonable to me—they had a good offense, even if it had slowed down later on in the season. And their defense had improved drastically that year. Meanwhile, the Cowboys would probably be going back to their 8-8 [...]

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Rivalry Network: Peter and Will’s Week 3 NFL Pick Em 

Rams @ 49ers Peter's Pick: Rams The 49ers have a ton of work to do before they can start being considered competitive in this league again. The Rams look like a team who is on the rise and has a chance to a least be competitive in the NFC West as early as this season. [...]

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Offensive Line Woes In The Emerald City

Russell Wilson can cover his ears all he wants because he's not going to want to that there is trouble in the trenches in Seattle and it may derail their Super Bowl aspirations this year.  For the second game in a row, the Seattle's offensive line had trouble run blocking and pass blocking, stifling the [...]

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The Patriots were ‘Wise’ in their Game Plan against the Saints

As the offense showed up and hung 36 points against a bad New Orlean's defense, it was usual names like; Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski leading the way to a comfortable win on the road. But after allowing 42 points on opening night against the Chiefs at home in week one, many people were expecting [...]

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So Far the Badgers are Doing a Great Job of Managing Their Easy Schedule in 2017 After Blowing Out BYU 40-6 on Saturday 

Coming into this season I wasn't convinced that Wisconsin's talent was good enough to deserve the #9th overall ranking they were given. They had lost too many good players in the offseason, either due to injury, the draft or eligibility and hadn't really replaced them at the level I had hoped. I was convinced, however, [...]

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Peter and Will’s Week 2 NFL Pick Em

Texans @ Bengals Peter's Pick: Texans Houston has decided to role with Deshaun Watson under center and he definitely had a better game in his debut than most experts are giving him credit for. Now that he knows the job is his to lose, I'm expecting even more of a spark. Cincinnati looked awful in [...]

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Historic Collapse Imminent in SoCal?

  Sports Illustrated recently ran a piece (by Stephanie Apstein) wondering if the Dodgers "Might be the greatest team of all-time", nobody right now in southern California is thinking that.  Walking around in the beautiful California sun recently, I noticed many fans proudly wearing their Dodgers gear, but when asked many were worried and had [...]

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AFC East Season Preview Pt. 4

New York Jets - From bad, to undoubtedly worst in the league are the "New York (Football) Jets". This division is clearly run by the defending champs, New England Patriots, and a solid Miami team behind them, but after that... it is the definition of uninspiring teams in the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. [...]

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