The Art of “CouchSurfing” and How You Can Benefit From It

///The Art of “CouchSurfing” and How You Can Benefit From It

The Art of “CouchSurfing” and How You Can Benefit From It

Couchsurfing isn’t a completely new concept. It has just grown remarkably since I used to call a friend and ask if I could crash on their sofa on my way through town. Now it’s actually a “thing” and you can sign up for a username and password and make new friends all over the world as you borrow their couch for a night or two. I find it refreshing, especially in a world where it’s almost impossible to trust anyone anymore.

Because of the whole trust issue, it’s easier to get started in CS if you know a couple people who are already involved and can introduce you to others in your area who can teach you the ropes and help you along. This applies to those who want to couchsurf at someone else’s house and to those who are interested in letting other people come into their home.

Registration is completely free and includes filling out a profile that lets people know a little bit about your likes and dislikes and allows them to see a picture of you and the lodging you provide if any. By paying an annual fee, you can send unlimited messages which allows you to communicate with other members whenever you like. 

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What could be more appealing than shoving everything you own into a backpack and bouncing around the globe one beatup couch at a time? Making friends and having an enjoyable experience with your host could be a very intruiging memory to create.

If you are interested join a “Hangout” on your local area and start making friends that you enjoy being with and know you can trust. Once you are convinced this is something you want to try, head to and get signed up for a membership.


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