Marty B. Knows the Secret to Why the Packers Don’t Win Super Bowls

//Marty B. Knows the Secret to Why the Packers Don’t Win Super Bowls

Marty B. Knows the Secret to Why the Packers Don’t Win Super Bowls

Martellus Bennett has recently experienced the highest and the lowest the NFL has to offer. In February, Bennett won the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, which was one of the highlights of his nine year career after sandwiching three years with the Bears between that and his Super Bowl win in 2012 with the Giants.

Now he comes to the Packers who haven’t won a Super Bowl since the 2010 season and he believes he knows the reason why. Confidence. It actually makes a ton of sense, because right after they won, they lost their three biggest leaders in the next offseason. The Packers have failed to bring in many free agents with a strong locker room presence since then and it has showed as they have faltered and floundered for the last few years. Even with the struggles, they still have won a ton of games and are in the playoffs every year. They just can’t ever seem to put that final nail in the coffins when it matters most.

Bennett is chock full of that confidence after playing alongside Gronk and catching the ball from Tom Brady last year, and he plans to bring a bit of that magic to Green Bay. That would be great because Tight Ends play a key roll in the type of offense the Packers run but quarterback Aaron Rodgers has always failed to make solid connection with them, which has led to major struggles in the red zone.

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Get this team a little bit of confidence, they will be impossible to stop. Nothing brings a team confidence like a quarterback who is on his game. Nothing brings confidence to a quarterback like being a to trust a big strong receiver to run the right routes and make a catch. Bennett has proven he can be that type of catch and confidence maker.

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  1. Jake Ketola May 26, 2017 at 12:07 am

    What ever happened to Cook? Did we loose him in the off season? Our running game scares me. This number 1 pick… He just looks too thin. I am predicating a wildcard finish… 🙁

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