Warriors Sweep Into Finals 

//Warriors Sweep Into Finals 

Warriors Sweep Into Finals 

  1. The Golden State Warriors have achieved many milestones in the past 3 years, and now you can add best start in NBA Playoff History. On Monday night in San Antonio the Warriors completed their 3rd sweep of the NBA Playoffs. The Warriors are 12-0 in this postseason, having previously swept Portland in the first round and Utah in the conference semifinals. They also made history with the best average scoring margin 16.3 PPG Diff. The Warriors had an incredible run the previous 2 years, but this year adding Durant this team looks unstoppable. The Warriors have 4 All-Stars in their starting lineup, and that’s extremely intimidating for any team.

For the Spurs and many NBA fans this series will be remembered as what could’ve been if Leonard didn’t get hurt in game 1. The loss of Leonard was insurmountable for the Spurs and they just never could put it back together. The Spurs were already down Parker from a torn tendon and lost David Lee in game 3 with a torn tendon as well. Injuries are all part of the game, but when you’re going up against the Warriors you can’t do it missing core players. I’m not going to make this another article about Leonard, but this shows how much of an MVP he is to this team.

The greatness of the Warriors is just how fast they are, and how many weapons they have on the court. Just when you think that you have them on the ropes they start raining three’s and you’re in a hole again. The acquisition of Durant has become a match up nightmare for teams. Now you have to pick your poison, if you guard Durant then Curry steps up. You can switch it up and Guard Curry then Durant steps up, and oh your thinking guard them both now Thompson, and Green are right there waiting. The Warriors mainly Durant took a lot of heat for this offseason, but right now this looks like one of the best career moves ever.

This will be Durant’s second chance at a championship, and this team is nothing like the team in OKC he went to the finals with last time. When OKC went to the finals vs the Heat in 2012 that was a very young inexperienced team compared to the playoff tested Warriors team he’s on now. The Warriors have wanted nothing more then to get to the finals and avenge the devastating loss to the Cavs last year.

However 1 team that has a real shot at taking out the Warriors are the Cavaliers. If…better yet when the Cavaliers join the Warriors in the finals it will be the first time in the NBA Finals history, and only the 2nd time in all of sports history (1921-1923 Yankees vs Giants) that you have a three straight years the exact same teams battling for the championship. The Warriors swept the regular season matchup against the Cavaliers this season, but this is really a different Cavaliers team since the start of the playoffs.

Can the Warriors keep the sweeping going in this years playoffs we will have to wait and see June 1st when game 1 of the NBA Finals tips off.

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