Six Players I Believe will be Serious MVP Contenders in the NFL in 2017

//Six Players I Believe will be Serious MVP Contenders in the NFL in 2017

Six Players I Believe will be Serious MVP Contenders in the NFL in 2017

Derek Carr

This shouldn’t surprise anybody. Ever since Carr came into the league the Raiders have been on a steady uptick. If the pattern continues this should be the year Oakland wins the division and marches into the playoffs with a bye in round one. Odds are that if that happens, it will be because of stellar play from their quarterback and that should leave him as one of the top signal callers in the league. He’s definitely got the talent around him to make this a memorable season for the Oakland fans.

Philip Rivers

Rivers is one of the top quarterbacks in the history of the game, but when push comes to shove his teams have buckled under the pressure. This year they are possibly the most talented team on paper and besides adding a bunch of offensive weapons, they are becoming very strong in the trenches. If Rivers puts up the same type of numbers he always does and this team starts winning, he should definitely be in consideration for the  highest recognition.

Jameis Winston

The word “cannon” pops into my head every time I think of this kid who is finally turning into a vet. The Buccaneers decided to load him up with weapons in the offseason and now he’s got some prime targets for his bombs. The great thing about Winston is that he is more than just a big arm. He’s a leader and he has a great mind for the game of football. As long the defense comes back strong and his teammates continue to trust him, the Bucs will be very competitive and Winston will be a major reason why.

David Johnson

This is one of the most dynamic players in the game. Whether he is running the ball or catching it out of the backfield it’s hard to keep a grip on this player who has been known to be swarmed under and then emerge from the pile and break away for a big gain. The rest of Arizona’s offense is starting to get up there in age but if they build their plan around Johnson there is no reason that they can’t contend in their division again. When he is healthy DJ is easily one of the top backs in the league and should be collecting votes as soon as this season.

Matthew Stafford 

No other quarterback in the history of the NFL has been as statistically successful as the Lions passer in the amount of time he has played. Last year he proved that he could do it without a superstar receiver and he impressed a lot of people with his will and ability to come from behind to win games. Detroit has committed to giving him a legit offensive line and with offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter guiding his every move, Stafford should have no problem carrying them even further in 2017.

Joey Bosa

This is a beast of a man and even with the controversial start to his career it seems that he could be a disruptive force in the league for many years to come. Quarterbacks are going to be looking over their shoulders and listening for footsteps whenever Bosa is around. The Chargers defense have a new swagger since drafting him and it has transferred to the whole team. I don’t know if it’s fair to call him the new “JJ” since no two players are the same but I don’t think it’s any stretch to believe he could be the most dominant player in the league before it’s all said and done.


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