Ranking the Quarterbacks of the NFC South

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Ranking the Quarterbacks of the NFC South

4. Jameis Winston 

Not only is Winston dripping with talent but I’ve never seen another young player be so respectful and have such a positive outlook. With the new weapons he’s been given for the upcoming season, there has already been MVP murmurings surrounding the youngster with the big arm. For now, he needs to worry more about working his way out of the cellar in the deepest quarterback division in the NFL.

3. Cam Newton

What a difference one season can make. Newton went from best quarterback in the league to not even tops in his own division in the flash of an eye. However, he still has the ever dependable Greg Olsen and two massive receivers with another year of experience under their belt, plus the addition of the very versatile Christian McCaffery. Look for a bounce back season for Superman.

2. Matt Ryan

This season could be iffy for Ryan. He had his “off” season two years ago and his bounce back season last year. After losing in the Super Bowl, history tells us he could go downhill again but this team just seems to loaded and explosive for that to happen. I believe it will be a massive test for Marty “Ice” and I expect him to pass with flying colors.

1. Drew Brees

Drew Brees hasn’t had a bad season in over a decade and after watching him throw for 5,000 yards for the fifth time in nine years, its hard to believe that year is coming anytime soon. With the addition of Adrian Peterson and a plethora of other young targets, this could be his best season yet. Heck, maybe one of these days they will even give him the MVP.

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