San Diego Comic-Con (July 20th – July 23rd) – What is it?

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San Diego Comic-Con (July 20th – July 23rd) – What is it?

Maybe you are a completely socially awkward nerd who never steps out from behind your PC long enough to do anything but step into a leotard, splash on some makeup and hide behind a wig. Perhaps, you are just interested in experimenting with what it is like to be someone else, or it could be that you just think it is a fun and trendy hobby and want to meet others with the same interests. Either way, if you like to dress up as your favorite super hero or villain, Comic-Con may just be the place for you.

It is a place where you can lose yourself for a while, and embrace the real you, the inner you, or the thing you wish was the inner you. Even if that is some sort of supernatural goddess pig or something.

In 2017, San Diego Comic-Con will take place from July 20th – July 23rd, at the San Diego Convention Center (Preview night on the 19th). As you can imagine, tickets for this year’s event are already sold out. However, you can start making plans to go in 2018 if you are interested, and children 12 and under get in free with a paying adult.

The event was first held on March 21, 1970, at the U.S. Grant Hotel. It was called San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Minicon, and was used to generate financing and attention for a much larger convention. The initial event brought in around 100 attendees. The first masquerade ball was held in 1974, and was quite a hit.

Today, the event has spread to include not only comics, but many different aspects of pop culture, including movies. It’s not unusual to see movie stars, writers, directors, or even professional wrestlers, at the event.

Although, it is definitely fun to attend such an event to be around others with mutual interests and to find out what types of art has been created or will be released in the near future, the main objective for most attendees is to be seen. What makes this event special for fans of Marvel, DC Comics and/or any other newfangled sci fi or fantasy label, is being able to show off how unique and creative you are.


Comic-Con is freedom from your 9-5. It’s a way to forget that you spend a decent amount of your time every week punching a clock. It’s a chance to soar through the Galaxy for a weekend and feel like a god. It’s reality with a twist. If you are a kid who has grown up on the outside faster than you did on the inside, it’s definitely the place for you.

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