Five Quarterbacks You Would be Wise to Avoid in 2017

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Five Quarterbacks You Would be Wise to Avoid in 2017

Cam Newton

Newton has already rewritten the book on how to be a versatile quarterback. He has consistently done things that players only dreamed about a few years back. After having a career year in 2015 though, he seemed to hit a wall last year and come back down to earth. Greg Olsen is still there, but Newton has struggled to find a true go to target out of the big bodied wide receivers Carolina has brought in over the last few years. Now that the Panthers drafted Christian McCaffrey in the first round, it appears that they may be looking to try to take the ball out of Newton’s hands more often. 

Andy Dalton 

Even though the Bengals made it to the playoffs in each of Dalton’s first five seasons, he still has been criticized more harshly than most young quarterbacks with his level of success. After missing the playoffs in 2015 due to an injury, Dalton and the Bengals missed the postseason altogether last season. After climbing the hill steadily to start his career, it looks like the wheels may be coming off altogether in Cincinnati. Don’t be surprised if this has an affect on Dalton and causes him to stumble even further this year.

Carson Palmer 

Palmer is one of the great quarterbacks of this era, it’s just that most people seem to forget he even exists. He has thrown for over 4,000 yards in four of his last five years, but he has also averaged 15 interceptions over that time period. Palmer will be 38 years old before the season is over and his top receiver, Larry Fitzgerald will be 34 before the season starts. Now that they have the best young running back in the league, I expect Palmers numbers to drop considerably.

Ryan Tannehill

The Dolphins have had the receivers. Last year they even got a really strong running game going. Still for some reason we are waiting for Tannehill to have that breakout season and just like every other season he fails. He’s not a bad quarterback. He’s just not putting up the stats or doing the things it takes to be elite in this league or to take his team to the next level. It’s hard to imagine him being any different this year and he continues to be inconsistent.

Dak Prescott

Think about it. It’s impossible to improve on perfection and what the Cowboys and their young stars did last season was about as close to perfection as you can come. One of the greatest motivators for a second year player is being able to improve on what he did in his first year. Even though it’s possible that his numbers as a whole will get bigger, it’s hard to imagine him ever having a better season and that could be a lot of pressure for a kid that had the position basically given to him last year but will have to earn it in 2017.

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