Peter and Will’s Week 2 NFL Pick Em

//Peter and Will’s Week 2 NFL Pick Em

Peter and Will’s Week 2 NFL Pick Em

Texans @ Bengals

Peter’s Pick: Texans

Houston has decided to role with Deshaun Watson under center and he definitely had a better game in his debut than most experts are giving him credit for. Now that he knows the job is his to lose, I’m expecting even more of a spark. Cincinnati looked awful in their opener and I don’t think that will change against the Texans defense.

Will’s Pick: Texans

Both of these teams looked awful in Week 1. Andy Dalton had one of his worst games ever. And while I don’t know if this one will be even worse, this is a primetime game—which Dalton is infamous for struggling in. Also, the Texans will be starting DeShaun Watson now, who might bring a bit more versatility to the offense at least.

Bills @ Panthers

Peter’s Pick: Panthers

Buffalo looked good against the Jets and Carolina bounced back against the 49ers. This is a game where one of these two teams who struggled last year will start out 2-0. I like Carolina a lot better in this matchup because they seem to have all of the right pieces to once again be a contender in the league. 

Will’s Pick: Panthers 

It seems that the Panthers are blessed with an easy schedule early on. They crushed the 49ers, and now they have the Bills who are 1-0, but their win came against a horrible Jets squad. The Panthers should be able to get a win here and move to 2-0. The momentum will be good for them.

Bears @ Buccaneers 

Peter’s Pick: Bucs 

The Bears had a chance to win their opener last week but just couldn’t get the ball in the end zone as time was running out. This week they will face a Tampa Bay team who has had extra time to prepare for them. I see the Buccaneers starting slow but eventually cruising to an easy victory in this one.

Will’s Pick: Bucs

Who’d have thought that the Bears might almost beat the defending NFC champions? It happened. This game could potentially be close as well, but the Buccaneers have a very talented squad right now and they’re probably quite ready for their opener after last week’s game was postponed.

Vikings @ Steelers 

Peter’s Pick: Vikings

This might be one of the better games this week as the Vikings offense came out in full force in week 1. Sam Bradford looks comfortable with his weapons and Dalvin Cook may just surprise a few people but they may be going against a better challenger in week 2. The Steelers beat the Browns but not by as much as they should have and I believe they will be in for a surprise on their home field.

Will’s Pick: Steelers
This game should actually be pretty interesting. Sam Bradford is coming off the game of his life, and the whole Vikings offense looks better than it did last year. Of course, it was against the Saints. Then there’s the Steelers and their terrifying big three. Le’Veon Bell looked shaky last week after finally coming back from his holdout, but he should look better after practicing this week. While the Vikings defense might give the Steelers a little trouble, I still have to go with the home team as well as the more proven team.

Cardinals @ Colts

Peter’s Pick: Cardinals 

This Colts team appears to be in serious trouble of not even competing in games until Andrew Luck gets healthy. The Cardinals on the other hand, should be okay without David Johnson, although their age might really start to show in his absence. I have a feeling this game will make Arizona look way better than they really are and they should run away with it without much difficulty.

Will’s Pick: Cardinals 

Andrew Luck is out once again this week, and thus the Colts are probably gonna have a tough week again. The Cardinals lost their #1 RB David Johnson for most of the season, but they still have a better offense right now regardless. The Colts’ defense probably won’t offer much resistance, and whoever starts at QB probably won’t be able to keep up.

Patriots @ Saints

Peter’s Pick: Saints

This one should be a no brainer for the Patriots after watching the Saints lose on Monday Night. However, I have a feeling that Brees is going to find a way to exploit New England’s defense in a much more interesting way than Alex Smith did. The Patriots aren’t as bad as the final score indicated but being embarrassed like they where at home has to have some kind of a permanent effect.

Will’s Pick: Patriots 

This could end up being quite the shootout. Both of these defenses look like garbage right now. If Alex Smith could tear apart the Patriots defense, one can only imagine what Drew Brees will do. The Saints defense will probably give Brady plenty of opportunities to stay in the game as well. While this game will give us a better clue as to whether Brady’s lost a step yet after a shaky Week 1 performance, one still probably has to go on the safe side and pick the Patriots in a situation like this until we know that he actually has fallen apart.

Browns @ Ravens 

Peter’s Pick: Browns

The Ravens looked very strong in week 1 but it seems to me that has more to do with the collapse we’ve been witnessing in Cincinnati rather than anything good that’s happening for Baltimore. Cleveland is finally getting some positive production out of their young squad and is putting their faith in Deshone Keizer to lead their rebuild. I believe they can surprise a few people this year and since it is a division battle anything can happen.

Will’s Pick: Ravens 

Is the Ravens defense back to the ways of old? It certainly looked that way against the Bengals. The Browns didn’t look too bad against the Steelers, but I can’t see them defeating a tough division rival like the Ravens on the road. The Ravens will have to put up more offense than last week, but I think they’ll still pull this one out.

Eagles @ Chiefs 

Peter’s Pick: Chiefs

Andy Reid just came off of one of the biggest regular season victories of his career. You would think that there is a possibility for a let down game and there definitely could be but it’s hard to imagine it happening on the home opener against his former team. The Eagles are definitely improving but I don’t think they are their quite yet.

Will’s Pick: Where do the Chiefs keep finding these running backs? Kareem Hunt is the latest one of the bunch they’ve brought in over the past decade. I don’t expect him to put up as good of a performance as he did in Week 1, because this Eagles defense looks better than the Patriots’ so far. But the fact that they still have a strong running game, plus still a tough defense, plus home field advantage, should equal to Andy Reid defeating his former team once again.

Titans @ Jaguars 

Peter’s Pick: Jaguars 

Leonard Fournette is now, if only temporarily, the focus of Jacksonville’s offense. This should take pressure off of Blake Bortles and the rest of the unit who seem to be constantly in need of trying to prove themselves. The Jags defensive roster reads like an All-Star team and if they develop chemistry soon, they could spell trouble for the rest of their division. The Titans defense still needs work and their offense could prove to be true reliant on the run.

Will’s Pick: Titans 

Are the Jaguars for real? After a 10-sack performance, you certainly have to take their defense more seriously now. However, I just can’t see them beating the more high-powered Titans, who are coming off a loss to the Raiders and will be looking to avoid an 0-2 start. Regardless, this will probably be a better opportunity to see what the Jaguars offense is made of since this game should be closer than the one against Houston was.

Jets @ Raiders

Peter’s Pick: Raiders

This should most definitely be everyone’s lock of the week. The Raiders have a very complete team and just seem to keep getting better as time goes on. The Jets have very little to be excited about and unless they have a couple tricks up their sleeves this one could be ugly by halftime.

Will’s Pick: Raiders

This is where you start pretty much every Oakland Raider you own in fantasy. Because this is one of the biggest juggernauts in the AFC right now, while the Jets are probably going to have the #1 pick next year. This is one of those ludicrously easy picks that happens now and then.

Dolphins @ Chargers 

Peter’s Pick: Chargers

This could actually be a really good game. Both of these teams are much improved and have some very impressive talent to build around. After the Chargers disappointing loss last week, I expect them to be extremely hungry this week and even though Miami should put up a decent fight, I think Los Angeles will secure it in the end.

Will’s Pick: Chargers

The Chargers were a bit shaky at first on Monday night, but then they almost pulled off a crazy comeback due to their defense. While the Dolphins could still have a decent year with Cutler, I still expect the Chargers to bounce back and put together a more complete game as they’ve done in the past after Week 1 losses like that.

Cowboys @ Broncos

Peter’s Pick: Broncos

This wasn’t an easy pick. If Zeke can avoid a suspension and the Broncos offense continues to tick, this could be a potential Super Bowl preview. The Broncos have home field advantage and a still pretty solid defense, so I have to give the nod to them in this one.

Will’s Pick: Broncos 

New head coach, new defensive coordinator? No problem: the Broncos defense still looks terrifying, while the offense is doing enough to help win so far. The Cowboys did enough to defeat a Giants team that was depleted without Odell Beckham Jr, but the Broncos are healthy and ready to give the Cowboys their first challenge of the year.

49ers @ Seahawks 

Peter’s Pick:

This should be a no brainer as the Seahawks looked very solid in a loss last week and are only an o-line and running game away from being terrifyingly good again. The 49ers should put up a decent fight but I don’t ever see it being even kind of close in Seattle.

Will’s Pick: Seattle 

It’s the Seahawks’ home opener, and they’re taking on the 49ers. That won’t be much of a game. The Hawks pretty much always dominate at home, and the 49ers couldn’t do anything against the Panthers at all. They won’t be able to do much against a stingy Seahawks defense either. The offense looks iffy, but they should still have enough to put away San Francisco no problem.

Redskins @ Rams

Peter’s Pick: Rams

At the beginning of the year I predicted the Rams offense to be much improved now that they actually have receiving weapons for the first time in awhile. So unlike most experts, I don’t believe last week’s breakout was only due to playing a terrible team. The Redskins are definitely more talented than the Colts and could and should make this one a very competitive battle. 

Will’s Pick: Redskins

The Andrew Luck-less Colts made the Rams look like juggernaut. I don’t know if they’ll be able to pull off the same feat against the Redskins, who lost last week’s game after a questionable call and will be looking to come back with a win this week. Still, these do not look to be the same Rams we’ve seen the last few years.

 Packers @ Falcons 

Peter’s Pick: Packers

The Falcons who are still recovering from a devastating loss in the Super Bowl, should have lost last week’s game to the Bears. The Packers defense looks better than it has since they were in the big game and the offense led by Aaron Rodgers looks hungry and full of weapons. The Falcons destroyedthe Packers  last time they came to Atlanta but this is a brand new year. 

Will’s Pick: Packers

Now this one ought to be some fun. It came down to the last minute the last time they faced each other in the regular season as well, and there’s a good chance the same will happen here. One kind of has to question the Falcons, though, for almost losing to the Bears. This primetime game will be a good test for us to see if they still have it or if they’re suffering a Super Bowl loss hangover instead.

Lions @ Giants 

Peter’s Pick: Lions

The Lions are 15-9 in their last 24 games and yet they can’t find anyone to give them any credit this season. They go up against a Giants team that has as many holes as it does strong points. This is a chance for Detroit to make a statement on a big stage and send the Giants to 0-2 in a season where expectations for them are very high. 

Will’s Pick: Giants 

The Giants did not look good against the Cowboys at all, and their offensive line will have to improve if they’re going to win much this season. That said, Odell Beckham is expected to return for Week 2 and if he does that, the Giants have a much better shot of winning even if they target him less. Should be a close one, but I think Eli will ultimately get it back together and help the Giants bounce back.


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