Offensive Line Woes In The Emerald City

//Offensive Line Woes In The Emerald City

Offensive Line Woes In The Emerald City


Russell Wilson can cover his ears all he wants because he’s not going to want to that there is trouble in the trenches in Seattle and it may derail their Super Bowl aspirations this year.  For the second game in a row, the Seattle’s offensive line had trouble run blocking and pass blocking, stifling the passing attack and grinding the run game to a halt.

The offensive line couldn’t open up any holes in either of the first two games and it wasn’t until Russell Wilson took it upon himself to start scrambling for yards against the 49ers that Seattle was able deliver their first touchdown of the season.  The touchdown drive wasn’t pretty, four times Wilson had to run out of the pocket and make gains with his legs … it literally looked like something out of the Madden video game.

O’line guru Tom Cable is expected yearly to whip the line into shape, but this year it may be expecting too much.  Usually tackles are among the top paid players on any given NFL team, but only one player, guard Luke Joeckel is in their top ten in salary (he’s 8th).  Joeckel was a surprise pickup, he was the 2nd pick in the 2013 draft, but the Jaguars had given up on waiting for him to fully develop.  The offensive line is the least paid in the NFL and, depending on how you look at the numbers, are the only team in the league that  spends less than 10% of their cap on the offensive line.  It shows on the field.

The 49ers struggled in week 1 getting any type of pass rush and the combo of Christian McCaffrey/Jonathan Stewart ran for over a hundred yards, but the defensive front overwhelmed Seattle throughout the game on Sunday.  These are all bad signs for the Seahawks, they need to shore up their pass blocking and run blocking up front if they want to be a playoff team this year.  So far it’s been trouble in the trenches in the Emerald City.


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