Rivalry Network: Peter and Will’s Week 4 NFL Pick Em

//Rivalry Network: Peter and Will’s Week 4 NFL Pick Em

Rivalry Network: Peter and Will’s Week 4 NFL Pick Em

Bears @ Packers

Peter’s Pick: Packers

The Packers have been overwhelmed by injuries already this year and are having to try to heal up on very little rest in time for the Thursday night game. They have already shown resilience and should be very well prepared for a home game against their biggest rival. The Bears are coming off of a huge upset victory and should have plenty of momentum going on but I just don’t see it being enough at Lambeau Field.

Will’s Pick: Packers

The Bears are a weird team this year. They got blown out by the Buccaneers, but then they almost beat the Falcons and did beat the Steelers. They definitely come to play no matter the opponent. Here’s the deal, though: those two better games happened at home. This is a road game against Green Bay, who shouldn’t have much trouble winning this particular round especially if Randall Cobb returns from injury.

Saints @ Dolphins

Peter’s Pick: Saints

New Orleans has finally woken up, at least for now. If they continue on this path they could be extremely dangerous. The Dolphins seem to have gone back to the inconsistency that was so prevalent at the beginning of last season. This one seems like a coin flip, which I would normally give to the home team but I have a good feeling about Drew Brees in this one.

Will’s Pick: Saints

I still am finding it difficult to believe that the Dolphins not only lost to the Jets, but were crushed by them. There’s two issues there right now: the offense is being way too passive early on, and the defense may have more problems than we thought, considering they were outscored by the team with probably the worst roster on offense in the league. With all of that in mind, I’ll give this one to the Saints, who are hardly passive and though their own defense has problems, if the Jets could score 20 on the Dolphins then Drew Brees shouldn’t have much trouble tearing them apart.

Panthers @ Patriots

Peter’s Pick: Patriots

New England doesn’t seem as dominant as they were in the past but even with their “B” game they appear good enough to win most games. The Panthers haven’t been the same since losing Josh Norman and they are gonna wish they had him for this one. I expect this to be another notch in the Patriots belt as they cruise to victory at home.

Will’s Pick: Patriots

The Panthers are 2-1, but they just haven’t been overly impressive. Cam Newton still hasn’t returned to his MVP form and now Kelvin Benjamin might be injured in addition to Greg Olsen. It’s pretty difficult to expect much of them against a Patriots team that is still tearing apart teams on offense. Tom Brady officially has not met Father Time… yet.

Jaguars @ Jets

Peter’s Pick: Jags

Jacksonville is starting to show flashes of finally figuring out how to wield their massive talent and turn their potential into success. I don’t see much resistance coming from the Jets in this one even though they have momentum in their direction. It could still come down to a battle but the Jaguars should make light work of them in the end.

Will’s Pick: Jags

The Jaguars have a pretty decent formula going. They’ve balanced out the offense more, and they’ve come up with a defense that has looked utterly deadly (save for the second half of the Titans game). Both of these things have helped take pressure off Bortles. The Jets pulled off a weird upset on Sunday, but the Jags look to be the better team right now after what might’ve been a statement win over the Ravens.

Titans @ Texans

Peter’s Pick: Texans 

This could be a very interesting game which could have a major effect on each team’s chances to win the division and make the playoffs. The Texans defense isn’t as good as it was last year but their offense is starting to come together and show potential. If both units start to click they could wreak havoc on the league. The Titans have looked solid but it’s hard to trust the health of their running game and stability of their defense.

Will’s Pick: Titans 

DeShaun Watson looked more impressive in his second start and actually kept the Texans fighting against the Patriots. He’ll need to bring his A-game if he wants to have any shot against the Titans, who just tore apart a Seahawks defense that is still quite good. There’s potential for a shootout here, but I think regardless Mariota and company will take the victory in the end.

Steelers @ Ravens 

Peter’s Pick: Steelers 

The Steelers always seem to choke out a game early in the season before getting back on track and making some mad noise. Now they head into enemy territory for a big time rivalry game. The Ravens have shown moments of brilliance on defense this season but the Joe Flacco that we used to know seems to have retired already. 

Will’s Pick: Ravens 

The Ravens got destroyed by the Jaguars in London, but they’ve got a decent opportunity for a bounce back victory with a home game against the Steelers. In this rivalry, it’s generally pretty wise to take the home team when both teams appear more or less equally matched. Also, the Steelers haven’t looked quite as deadly over three games thus far. They’re still a playoff team right now, but something seems off.

Bengals @ Browns

Peter’s Pick: Browns 

The Browns are gonna win a game sometime this year… Right? They definitely look like they have the ability to be pretty good this season, although, their roster still looks very disorganized and chaotic. Cincinnati looked good for most of the game last week but then lost hold at the very end. I’m giving this one to Cleveland by default.

Will’s Pick: Bengals 

Well, if the Bengals were nearly able to beat the Packers after their new staff change (for some reason), they shouldn’t have much trouble against the Browns who are looking pretty depleted with the loss of Corey Coleman and with Isaiah Crowell underwhelming. It’s pretty clear at this point that DeShone Kizer’s rookie year is not going to give us much of a proper idea of just how good he is.

Lions @ Vikings

Peter’s Pick: Lions

Detroit looks like the second best team in the NFC this season. They were just inches away from looking like the best team against Atlanta last week. Minnesota could be good this year if they get everyone healthy and manage to stay that way but I think this week the Lions will be too big of a challenge for them in Week 4.

Will’s Pick: Lions

The Vikings offense led by Case Keenum looked insane on Sunday, but I wouldn’t put much stock into it. I like Keenum, but as it turns out he has oddly played better against the Bucs in three matchups against them. Plus, the Lions are pretty solid right now. If not for the idiotic “ten-second runoff” rule they might be 3-0. Stafford is tearing it up and the defense looks surprisingly improved. If Bradford returns this game might be in more doubt, but I’m giving it to the Lions anyway.

Rams @ Cowboys 

Peter’s Pick: Rams

I like the Rams this season and I believe this could be a statement game for them. They have the ability to be explosive on both sides of the ball and have a chance to catch the Cowboys off guard. The Cowboys defense can be tough but unless they bring their “A” game they could definitely struggle against the Rams new look offense.

Will’s Pick: Rams

This one might seem a bit crazy, but hear me out. This is a dramatically improved Rams team. Although the two teams they’ve beaten so far (Colts and 49ers) aren’t very good, there is still a noticeable difference this year. Sean McVay is actually turning out pretty well and this offense is looking loaded. Wade Phillips’ defense isn’t hurting either. Look for them to make a statement against the Cowboys. Let’s not forget that Dallas has had a tendency to lose more often at home over the last several years.

Bills @ Falcons

Peter’s Pick: Falcons 

The Falcons have looked susceptible a few times already this year and Buffalo just won there biggest game in a long time. However, I’m pretty sure Atlanta is for real and I highly doubt lightning will strike twice for the Bills. 

Will’s Pick: Falcons 

I personally am not going to take the Bills’ victory over the Broncos too seriously. As good as their defense might be, this just isn’t a team that can really be trusted in general. I certainly wouldn’t bet on them against the Falcons, who got a little lucky against Detroit but still have an aggressive offense that’s more loaded across the board than Denver was.

Eagles @ Chargers

Peter’s Pick: Eagles 

This Chargers team may be in an even weaker state than it appears on the surface. Physically, all of the talent is there but somehow they manage to not be winning games. On the other hand, the Eagles are maturing into a team who could pose a major threat in their division and should easily run away with this one.

Will’s Pick: Eagles 

This one’s also kind of a tough pick. The Chargers are 0-3, but two of their three games have gone the same way as last year—ending in heartbreaking fashion. If this is to be more or less a carbon copy of last year, they’ll still win a few games—but you have no idea which ones they’ll be. Last year the Chargers beat the Falcons, but lost to the Browns. The Eagles are looking fairly decent so far, and despite the Giants’ furious rally, they fought hard when it mattered most and won. That is kind of the opposite of what the Chargers are doing.

49ers @ Cardinals 

Peter’s Pick: Cardinals 

Going into week four, these two teams only have one win between them. The 49ers have been pretty much as advertised this season and the Cardinals have been almost unpredictable. Arizona’s running game is in flux, so it will be up to their passing game to carry the load. It should be an interesting battle which I believe the Cards will pull out in the end.

Will’s Pick: Cardinals 

This is actually tougher than you might expect. The Cardinals are looking rather one-dimensional right now without David Johnson, but their pass offense is still kind of deadly. Meanwhile, the 49ers have hung around in two straight games with their other NFC West foes. It’s possible that this might be the one where luck ultimately goes their way, but I’m going to take the home team. Despite some issues, the Cardinals aren’t a team that’s going to give up on the season easily.

Giants @ Buccaneers 

Peter’s Pick: Bucs 

On paper this is a very interesting game. We’ve only seen two games from Tampa so far and they couldn’t have looked much more different. The Giants were expected to be an offensive juggernaut with a solid defense but they have failed to win a game. Overall, the Bucs seem to have more stability and I’m guessing they should win a hard fought battle.

Will’s Pick: Tampa 

The Buccaneers got torn apart by Case Keenum’s Vikings. Who’d have thought it? Considering Keenum’s surprising track record against the Bucs, I’m not dismissing the team based solely on that. Plus they’re returning to their home field for a game against the Giants, who looked improved in Week 3 but still have some problems—namely the lack of a running game. It might be hard to imagine 2-time Super Bowl champ Eli Manning at 0-4, but it’s actually happened once before.

Raiders @ Broncos 

Peter’s Pick: Broncos 

Both of these teams fell hard last week against what appeared to be massively overpowered opponents. Before that, I believe that both of these teams needed to be strongly considered contenders. This has the feel of a must win for two squads who are tied for second place in the AFC West. The Broncos are very hard to beat at home, so it seems like a logical choice to turn the dial in their favor.

Will’s Pick: Broncos 

The Raiders got torn apart by the Redskins. Who’d have thought it? The Redskins were surprisingly able to shut down the offense, and then they exploited the Raiders’ one weakness: lack of defense. Considering this is a divisional matchup, I expect this to be a close game, but I also expect Denver to try and employ the same strategy anyway. And as the home team—where they’ve flourished so far—I think they’ll take the victory in the end. That weird loss to Buffalo is unlikely to define who they are.

Colts @ Seahawks 

Peter’s Pick: Seahawks 

The Colts are showing signs of life as the season moves on. Their offense has found a spark and needs to keep winning if they want to stay in the race until Andrew Luck gets back. Seattle seems to be continuing to fall very slowly from greatness without the help of a true rushing game but they should still be able to pull this one out against a very weak Indy defense.

Will’s Pick: Seahawks 

Well, at least Jacoby Brissett will be able to keep the Colts from completely flopping around like a dead fish until Andrew Luck finally returns. But it probably won’t matter much against the Seahawks on their home field… where they pretty much never lose. The Seahawks have some issues right now, but they should still have a fairly easy win here.

Redskins @ Chiefs

Peter’s Pick: Chiefs

The Chiefs have won against three very talented teams this season and look to me like they may actually be for real this time. The scary part, however, is that a lot of their hopes fall on the back of a rookie running back. If he can continue to pound, this should be another great victory for the Chiefs. On the other hand, Kansas City needs to make sure to get a handle on Kirk Cousins who finally seems to have woken up a bit.

Will’s Pick: Chiefs

This is going to be interesting. The Redskins completely shut down the Raiders’ prolific offense on Sunday night. They really shouldn’t have much trouble shutting down the Chiefs’ ridiculously simplistic passing offense as long as they don’t let Tyreek Hill get open. Kareem Hunt might still give them some trouble. The defining factor may be the deadly home field advantage, as it may keep the Redskins from being as good on offense. I don’t think the Chiefs are really quite as good as their 3-0 record implies, but it’s still difficult to bet against them in Arrowhead when they are playing well at all.


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