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Peter Wiseman
Peter WisemanPresident
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Richard Wherle
Richard WherleVice President
Richard Wehrle is the VP of Operations for Rivalry Sports and Entertainment. He is also a Pastor, Husband and Father to 4 children. He is also a guy who loves sports. You can check out his feature articles on many things including social issues in sports or hear his views and opinions on The FlipSide with Mike and Rich, Monday evenings from 7-9pm.
Mark Kelly
Mark KellyRivalry Radio
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Chef, Nutritionist, Fitness Coach and father of 4. Fan of all sports and WWE junkie. Always preparing for the zombie apocalypse. All around decent human being
Lecia Salas
Lecia SalasWorld's Okayest Mom
I’m Lecia, mom of 6 and wife of one very lucky man. Property Management by day, worlds okayest mom 24/7. Housekeeper. Laundry doer. Nagger. Booger cleaner. Diaper Changer. Slightly (ok a lot) sarcastic, being a smartass and a comedienne keeps me from falling in the depths of despair. Two boys on the autism spectrum, and I write blog posts as often as I possibly can. If you “CLICK” on my beautiful face above, then you’ll find the one thing to fill that void in your life.
Well not THAT thing, but it will make you happy.
Michael Eccleston
Michael EcclestonFlipside
Michael Eccleston: 25 years old. From Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. Former Intern at ESPN Radio, Communications grad from East Stroudsburg University of PA, Sports Radio talk show host at 90.3 WESS. Creator of the blog page New York Sports Today. Current host of “The Flip Side with Mike and Rich”.
Joshua Sweetland
Joshua SweetlandWWE
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Will Noltie
Will NoltieNFL
Will is a passionate NFL fan who spends most of his waking hours during the season watching or doing something related to that league, and spends most of the offseason in misery due to withdrawal. He is currently beginning to get into the NHL after ending his relationship with the NBA. He enjoys March Madness as well. He has other interests as well, none of which are relevant to the subject material that he will be writing about on this website so they will not be discussed here so he can keep this bio reasonably short.

Harish Narayan
Harish NarayanSports
Harish Narayan – history grad from San Francisco State U, airport security supervisor…crazy bout the big 4 sports.

Galen Campbell
Galen CampbellSports
I’m a sports enthusiast and a big WWE fan. I have a strong interest in all of the major sports, and enjoy breaking it all down with other sports fans. I love and support all my home Boston teams. City of CHAMPIONS!!! I love football above all the rest. There’s no greater day in the calendar year like NFL Sundays. Also a HUGE! Fantasy sports fan, especially baseball and (yes you guessed it)… FOOTBALL!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention… I love my NEW TEAM! The Rivalry Network! (Blow out the candle) “We’re HERE!!!”

Jay Zinn
Jay ZinnSports
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Erik Cominski
Erik CominskiSports
My name is Eric Cominski…….I’m a 46 year old father and I’ve truly been passionate about sports my whole life.
Mike Moffat
Mike MoffatEditor
My name is Michael Moffat and I am from Franklin, Michigan. I grew up playing and watching sports all of my life. My favorite sports in order are the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Journalism and specialization in Sports Reporting!h
Nik Jones
Nik JonesFitness
Niki Jones, 27 year old mom, and health/fitness enthusiast. Graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B.A. in English and a cultivated love for writing. Owner/ Lead Designer of Let Them Eat Cake, blogger, and self proclaimed minimalist
I’m Susana but my nickname is Tiny. I’m a mommy of 3 and a die hard Bronco fan. I do make up reviews and just speak my mind about random things. I can be offensive to some because I have no filter. I live to please myself not others.